What makes a story more interesting?

We believe it’s the energy you tell the story with and how imaginatively you bring it to life. It’s attention to every detail… the pictures, the words, the colours and textures, because those are the things that capture interest, stir emotion and engage your audience.

We are Conduit, a collective of passionate, experienced industry professionals who share a love for great stories, and an even greater love for helping our clients tell them.

We live to make your ideas as big as they can be, but if you need an idea, we live for that too. Our ownership partners have built their own individual reputations over the last 15 years in this market, collaborating with agencies and directly with well-known regional and national brands to create award-winning work. Bringing our talents together is the next evolution. We work well together because we like each other. And we produce great stories because we work seamlessly together throughout the entire process from idea inception to in-market.

From idea development including writing, art direction and casting to photography, video, animation, sound design, post-production and more, we are your conduit to things more interesting.


– Concept and idea development
– Writing and art direction
– Storyboarding
– Casting
– Directing
– Corporate Videos
– Web Content
– Broadcast Advertising
– Radio Production
– Electronic Press Kits
– Interactive
– Animation
– Location Scouting
– Talent Management
– Usage Negotiation
– Equipment/Team
– camera/lighting/crew
– 2D & 3D
– Flash
– Titling
– Composition
(We’re proud to partner with Halifax’s leading sound design studio)
– Composition
– Sound Design
– Voice Casting & Recording
– Source Connect / ISDN Patches
– Final Mix & Mastering
– 5.1 Surround Sound
– Commercial/Advertising
– Industrial
– Food
– Architecture
– Portraiture
– Lifestyle